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Hey guys! My sister and I were talking the other day about the easiest things to grow in the garden.  We both thought it would make a great post, so here it is 🙂 Before I get started, let me just say, I live in southern Kansas in planting zone 6b.  This means that our last frost date is April 15 and our first frost date is October 15.  I have a pretty long growing season, but I also deal with lots of major heat in the summer!  It’s been in the mid- to upperREAD MORE

The Beginner's Guide to Planting Strawberries #strawberries #garden #gardening #beginnergardener #homesteading #fruit

Hey! How’s everybody’s summer going??  Is your garden game going strong??  I assume some of you northern gardeners are probably just really getting started and you southern gardeners are probably fighting the heat, right?  I know our weather here in zone 6b (south central Kansas) has been crazy.  It was SUPER cold in April (like still winter) and then turned off in the 90’s at the first of May!  I think Spring forgot us, lol 😉 In light of the fact that I had to replant my strawberries recently, I thought I’d give you theREAD MORE

You need to plant flowers in your vegetable garden! #flowers #vegetablegarden #garden #beginninggardener #homesteading

Hey, fellow gardening friends! I know I’ve been posting a lot of gardening stuff lately, but it is mid-May and that’s the main thing on my mind, lol!  I’ve got my potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans in the ground, but I still have sweet potatoes, Indian corn, watermelons and more strawberries to plant (my first set of strawberries died in our extreme Kansas weather!). What have you all be planting???  Tell me in the comments below! Today I wanted to talk about planting flowers for your vegetables. Yes, you read that right.  For yourREAD MORE

Learn how to make the best tomato cages! #tomatoes #gardening #homesteading #growingtomatoes #beginnergardener

Hey guys! So, a couple weeks ago, a reader asked me about my tomato cages after seeing this picture Because of that, I decided to do a tutorial on how to make them and where to get all of your supplies! Before we get started, let me give you a little tomato tip- tomato plants produce more when they are staked in some sort of fashion!  I have read this numerous places, plus I have experienced this in my own garden.  Last year, I didn’t quite have enough cages, so I let a couple plantsREAD MORE

Plant potatoes without digging! #potato #gardening

How to Plant Potatoes without Digging Love eating garden fresh potatoes, but hate the digging in the dirt process?  Yeah, me, too! Wish it was easier?  Me, too 😉 I’ve got the solution for you! So, years ago when I planted my first potato crop, I did it the very traditional way. I planted on St. Patrick’s Day (that’s the prevailing ideal day over here in southern Kansas), and I dug holes and hilled dirt on top. Guess what happened? It got cold and rainy and my seed potatoes rotted in the ground! The nextREAD MORE

How to plant tomatoes to get maximum yields!

Ever wondered how gardeners grow those massively tall tomato plants that yield hundreds of pounds of produce? Yeah, I used to wonder that, too. But, through years of experimentation, I have a fool proof way to plant and then grow tomatoes (and peppers!  I use this exact method for them, too!) to get maximum yields! So, without further ado, here are my tomato planting secrets! How to Plant Tomatoes to Get Maximum Yields This post may contain affiliate links.  Check out our disclosure policy here. STEP 1 Start with a clean, well mulched garden. So,READ MORE