Want to run a half marathon? Think you're too busy or too slow? Trust me, follow this method and you can run one with no problem! #running #halfmarathon #healthy #exercise

Edited for 2021- I’m running this same half in May with my daughter, sister, and parents!  I have now included a printable training plan.  Our race is May 2, so I plan on starting this plan the first week in January. So, just like that…. it’s over!  I ran my first half marathon on Sunday!  After months and months of training, I can hardly believe it came and went 🙂 We had BEAUTIFUL weather for it!  It was about 60 degrees when we started and sunny.  I ran the Prairie Fire Half in Wichita (anREAD MORE

I know I’ve been MIA lately, but spring has arrived and there is so much to do now! I haven’t given you a rundown lately on what’s been going on around here, so I thought it was about time! I know I always love getting a glimpse into a blogger’s personal life 😉 So, sit tight, grab a glass of ice tea (unsweetened is what I enjoy, but grab whatever floats your boat!) and enjoy what’s been going on down on the farm lately! This post contains Amazon affiliate links. See my disclosure here. FirstREAD MORE

Learn why yoga can be beneficial to even the most active homesteader or gardener!

Why You Should Practice Yoga OK, guys, if you’ve been a reader for awhile, then you know that I’m a little bit into fitness! Yes, I’m a busy farmwife/gardener/homesteader, but I still try my hardest to make it a priority. This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.  Also I’m not a medical professional- I’m just sharing my personal story.  Thanks for supporting my blog! I started off my fitness journey years ago by running, but as time went on I’ve done various things- from HIIT workouts, to CrossFit, to yoga. I’m hereREAD MORE

Fight illness with an olive leaf tincture! Learn to make your own!

How to Make an Olive Leaf Extract Tincture to Prevent Illness This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  You can read my disclosure policy here.  I’m also not a medical professional- this is based on my families personal experiences.  Thank you for supporting my blog! Wanna learn how to prevent and treat colds, flu and other sickness without going to the doctor?  Keep reading to learn to make an awesome herbal tincture that will do just that! It’s October and not only is it “autumn” or “fall”, but it’s also the season of sickness!! I don’tREAD MORE

crossfit update

I cannot believe that it’s been 7 months since I started CrossFit!!  This is the longest I have stuck with a consistent fitness program and I can tell.  I figured a little update was in order…. I started CrossFit at the end of May last year and figured I’d stick with it until Labor Day.  This was mostly because our local group ran a deal that was good until then. Generally speaking, even though I’ve been working out regularly for 4 years, I don’t stick with any one thing for more than 2-3 months, soREAD MORE

crossfit review

Ever wondered what the CrossFit craze was all about?  Me, too.  So, I joined 4 weeks ago.  And let me tell you, if you DO NOT love a sweaty, hard, near-impossible workout, then CrossFit is not for you!  But, if you like getting  your butt kicked several times a week with other crazy people, then you should totally try it! I have been intrigued with CrossFit for several years, but never could justify driving into town (10 mile away) several days a week to workout.  Not to mention, the only time that might work forREAD MORE