2018 goals and word of the year

OK, so I’ve always been one to have resolutions or goals at the start of a new year.  Ever since I was a kid, I’d write them down in my diary or really ponder something.  As an adult, those resolutions became things like “Keep the house cleaner.”  Oh-so exciting and specific, right?

Usually my resolutions revolved around my faults and very often, I never lived up to what I thought I should do.  I didn’t have a clear definition, though, just a general idea.

This year I’m trying it differently.  I’m going to list out my specific goals (and give you periodic updates!) and also have a word that sums it all up.

To kick it off, I’ll start off with my Word of the Year!

Ready for it????


So, this isn’t anything abstract about anything “completing me” (anybody else hear the line from “Jerry Maguire” in their head??).

No, this was actually my sister’s idea because I have the horrible habit of coming up with great ideas and not fully completing them.  Sure, I’ve completed a few things in the past (like fully training for and running a half marathon last year), but I’ve also started a lot or thought about starting a lot of various projects (reading the Bible in a year, making a quilt for my bed, etc.)

I’m determined this is my year to complete things!!

2018 goals

On that note, here are my 2018 goals:

Spiritual Life:

 1  Read the Bible in a year (I bought the One Year Bible last year and got to April…. so I’m going to keep going with that)

Start a prayer journal (I did this for a couple months a year ago and loved it.  Not sure why I quit…)


Continue CrossFit twice a week

Do yoga 3 days a week (I actually did really, really good with this during September and most of October, but fall harvest caused a snag and I fell off the wagon)

Run the Junebug Jog in under 35 minutes (I’m a notoriously slow runner and this particular run is always super humid, but it’s the only 5K I plan on doing this year)


Plant a large strawberry patch (I had a fabulous one about 10 years ago and ever since I’ve had a heck of a time getting another good one going.  This time, I already have my patch ready now so that the strawberries can get in the ground at the proper time without weed pressure)

Put zinnias all around the garden perimeter (I made it on one side this last year and I loved it!  I saved enough seed to make it all the way around this year, I think.  My mother-in-law said that her dad always did this to his garden and as a kid, she just thought it was so beautiful.)


Publish a post once a week (I still need to pick a specific day and always shoot for that….)

Learn pinterest from a blogging perspective


Try a budgeting app (I have never budgeted in all the years we’ve been married!!)


Start selling eggs again

Sell broilers again


Finish my quilt by March 1!!!!

2  Paint my milk can end tables white (a future post about that is in the works…)

There you have it!  It is now on the internet for all the world to see 🙂

What are your goals for 2018?  Do you have a word of the year?  Does anyone else have trouble completing things, lol??

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