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I cannot believe that it’s been 7 months since I started CrossFit!!  This is the longest I have stuck with a consistent fitness program and I can tell.  I figured a little update was in order….

I started CrossFit at the end of May last year and figured I’d stick with it until Labor Day.  This was mostly because our local group ran a deal that was good until then.

Generally speaking, even though I’ve been working out regularly for 4 years, I don’t stick with any one thing for more than 2-3 months, so this 7 month anniversary is a big deal for me, lol!

Here are the things I’ve noticed:

It took 6 months before I really started seeing major body changes.  Even Jeff and the kids have noticed that my arms are a lot more toned!  Jeff also said my cellulite on the back of my legs is disappearing (yay!).  I don’t pay attention to the scales (I was anorexic in college and stay away from weighing myself because I’m too afraid of obsessing about a number) but my jeans are much looser now.  Even though I was thin before this, I was “skinny fat” and apparently had room to lose some inches.

I’ve gotten a LOT stronger!  I lifted weights my senior year of high school and I remember at the beginning only being able to back squat the bar (45 lbs) but by the time I graduated I could squat 145 lbs.  I still have to use bands to help with my pull ups, but I can use smaller ones.  I can also add some weight to the bar for various exercises.  Plus burpees are easier 🙂

Even though I haven’t really run any long distances, I know my time is better!  We did a workout called “Murph” back in November and part of that is running a mile, then doing other stuff, then running another mile.  My workout partner/ friend timed us and we ran a 10 minute mile, which is UNHEARD of for me!

I’ve gotten accustomed to that 5 am wake up twice a week.  I used to say that one of the reasons I could never do CrossFit is because early morning would be the only time I had available and there was NO WAY I could wake up that early and work out!  Well, I have obviously proven myself wrong 😉

I plan on sticking with CrossFit indefinitely now!  A local friend goes with me and we take turns carpooling, which is added motivation for getting out of bed in the morning (especially these cold mornings where it’s in the single digits!).  I love, love, love the changes I’ve seen!  I haven’t been in this great of shape ever!  I seriously feel better at 38 than I did at 18 🙂  One of my general life goals is to be feeling and looking awesome at 40 and continuing that so I can be a very active grandma someday and still continue to take care of Reece.

I would highly recommend CrossFit to anybody and everybody.  If you’re in the Winfield area, check us out!  We have a fabulous morning group and we all have a great time sweating together, lol.

What does your workout routine look like?  Have you tried CrossFit before?

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  1. Way to go! It’s not easy to stay committed like that.

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