OK, so I totally fell off the radar during the month of July!  I didn’t intend to… it just sort of happened.

We celebrated the 4th and Reece had off school until the 10th and it’s really hard for me to get much done on the computer when he’s home.  He’s well behaved, just very demanding.  I hear “Mommy, mommy, mommy” a LOT!!  I know all of you with toddlers probably understand 😉  Sometimes it’s weird having a 14 year old act that way, but after years of him NOT TALKING I never take it for granted!

And then a push to get 4H projects done happened.  Plus the girls wanted to ride horses every night and go swimming every afternoon.  Shoot, I wanted to go swimming every afternoon!

Here’s some pictures of what our July looked like….

4H fair book
This book comes with great anticipation during June and gets looked at A LOT from then until the first of August!
show cow
Elisa spent every day for months working with Reba, her show heifer. Here’s she’s teaching her to lead…. Doesn’t look like it’s going well, huh? 😉
show goats
This is Lindy taking care of her show goats, Ledoux and Cindy. Yes, we are big Chris Ledoux fans in this house! Anyway, she had to feed and water twice a day and walk them every day. And I usually had to help walk them because they were so buddy sour! I was glad to see them sell at the market sale at the end of the fair 😉
show cow
Starting at the beginning of July, Elisa had to wash Reba every day. Reba actually seemed to enjoy it!
This is Elisa running barrels with Lily, her horse. We’ve been sitting outside many evenings watching the girls ride!
Lindy decided to try leatherworks this year in 4H. She worked on a purse kit from May until the day before the fair. It took much longer than we anticipated, but it ended up with a purple, so she was happy!
vintage camper
This is our 1971 vintage camper that we renovated a couple years ago. We just spent 5 days in it living at the fairgrounds. Sometime I’ll show you the inside… it’s all white and pretty 🙂

And that, my friends, was my July in a nutshell.  It flew by and now the fair is over and school is around the corner…..

How was your summer?  Are you ready for school to start??

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