Ready to raise your own meat? Read this to jumpstart you on your journey to raising a year's supply of meat! #homesteading #raisingmeat

Raising a year’s supply of meat. You’ve bought your place out in the country, you’re ready to get “back to the land” and not be so dependent on outside forces, right? And one of the things that we’re all dependent on is the grocery store! So, it makes sense that a main goal for your new farm or homestead would be to produce all or most of your own food. This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.  Thanks for supporting my blog! While it’s a little tougher to produce our own saltREAD MORE

Need help deciding what to do with your abundance of peppers? Learn about three options to preserve your garden harvest! #garden #peppers

Pepper Preservation Options Fall is here and gardeners everywhere are canning in overtime! Food preservation has been on my mind for the last couple months (gotta do something with all the garden goodies!), so I’m going to give you three totally different options for preserving your peppers! This post may contain affiliate links.  See my disclosure here.  Thanks for supporting my blog! Years ago, when I first started gardening, I was too chicken to do any canning, so I froze any of my garden surplus. Which totally works and brings me to my first (andREAD MORE

Learn how to use your clothesline the right way! #homemaking #homesteading #sustainbleliving #frugal

Tips for Using Your Clothesline You’ve moved out to the country (or maybe you still live in town- that’s ok, too!) and you’re all pumped about your new homesteading adventure! This post may contain Amazon affiliate links. Thanks for supporting my blog!! You’re going to get back to the land and not be so dependent on outside forces to keep you going, right?? And one of those new homesteading ventures is to use less electricity! One of the great ways to lower your electricity consumption is to use what God gave us to dry ourREAD MORE

Learn 5 tips to maximize your garden space! #garden #gardening #homesteading #sustainableliving

Ever wanted to know how to grow a big garden in a small space? I’m sure many of you out there don’t have the option of a 2 acre garden, right? Well, I have a treat for you today! I interviewed my aunt Vanessa and took a tour of her AMAZING garden and brought back 5 awesome tips for you to maximize your garden space and get the most bang for your buck! A little background for you- Vanessa and her husband Lamuel live in a regular ranch style house on, what I would consider,READ MORE

Learn some surprising facts about chickens! #chickens #homesteading #farm #poultry

10 Things You May Not Know About Chickens I call chickens the gateway drug to farm animals! Almost everybody I know who moves out to the country for the first time gets chickens right away 🙂 I grew up on a former chicken farm (my grandpa had the largest egg laying farm in the state of Kansas in the 1950’s and 1960’s!) and we always had chickens in one of the old chicken houses.  We all had chicken chores at one time or another during our childhood. And…I hated it! What?  Me, who named myREAD MORE

Easiest Fruits and Veggies for Beginners| Beginning Gardener| Gardening| Gardening for Beginners

Hey guys! My sister and I were talking the other day about the easiest things to grow in the garden.  We both thought it would make a great post, so here it is 🙂 Before I get started, let me just say, I live in southern Kansas in planting zone 6b.  This means that our last frost date is April 15 and our first frost date is October 15.  I have a pretty long growing season, but I also deal with lots of major heat in the summer!  It’s been in the mid- to upperREAD MORE