I’ve thought about a blog for years….

I even started one with blogger about 5 years ago.  I wrote maybe 3 posts or so then a month went by, then another month, and it was hanging over my head that I had a blog but wasn’t writing on it!  So, I quit.  I hate having undone things in the back of my mind, you know?

Time has passed and the desire to write is still very strong, but due to changes we’ve made in our life I’ve decided to try it again.  I’ve researched and researched and read and read and I feel unsure of myself.  I hate failure and I don’t like to try new things unless I can be sure I will be GREAT at it.  Will I be great at blogging??? Will I be successful???  Will people actually want to read what I write???

I have no idea….

But, you never know unless you try.  So, I’m giving it a shot and only the Lord will know how this will go.


Welcome to The Farm Chick!

Melinda Donley
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