10 random things about me

Ok, so I love to read other blogs where the blogger actually tells you something about themselves that is random or funny or just ordinary!  So, today, that’s what I’m doing!

1  This is my daily summer uniform…. I care very little about fashion and when I spend most of my summer day outside doing farm/yard/gardening stuff, then this is what I wear!  When it’s muddy, I trade the Redwings for my awesome Muck boots 🙂

my daily uniform
A tank top from Wal-Mart, an old pair of jeans, and my Redwing steel toed boots!

2 An accessory you can often find hanging out of my back pocket are my gloves!  I grew up rarely wearing gloves, but my husband is a firm believer in them, and over the years, I’ve become accustomed to wearing them for anything and everything!  Chicken chores, gardening, yard work…. I even carry them with me in the car in case I need to change a flat tire!  And, yes, I generally always keep track of the same pair.  I replace them when the holes in the fingers get too bad.

my gloves
I get these at Orscheln’s. Yes, they are purple and leather 🙂

3  We have 5 dogs.  Yes, you read that right, FIVE!!  Crazy!  I’ve always been a dog person, but was more of a 1 dog person.  But, my youngest is the biggest dog girl you’ve ever met, so our herd has expanded.  We have a little, very old terrier mix (Spot.  We think she’s around 17? She was a stray that showed up at my parents’ house years ago), Muddy (Great Pyrenees), Maddie (Great Pyrenees), Joey (he’s technically my in-laws’ dog, but he mostly hangs at our house because that’s where all the action is! And Elisa is showing him for 4H.  He’s a lab/weimereiner/shepherd mix), and Sparky (Lindy’s little dog.  He’s a yorkie/chihuahua/pomeranian mix).

great pyrenees
My daughter,Lindy, took this one last year! This is Muddy. Stick around long enough and I’m sure the other dogs will make a blog appearance!

4  This is the front of my Suburban.  I drive a 16-year-old vehicle, but I’m not quite ready to get rid of it yet…. and see that “Eat Beef” tag?  All of our vehicles have one and we’ve been putting them on our trucks and SUV’s since before we were married!  Back in the day, it was popular among our local farm/country kid crowd and Jeff and I just never outgrew it 🙂  Plus, you know, we grow beef….

eat beef tag
Yes, it’s dirty. I even washed it yesterday, but after driving to K-State and back yesterday, the bugs and dirt go the best of me.

5  I love a chaotic, bursting-with-color flower planter!  No color themes for me!  The more color and blooms the better!

colorful flower planter
Don’t you just love all the colors???

6  This is the front of my house.  Yes, it’s a double wide that we added on to.  I used to be prejudice against people that lived in these, but I’ve since changed my tune and I adore our little double wide!  I’ll be writing a post about that one of these days…..

double wide
Someday we’re going to finish the outside! It got a new roof and new trim, but we haven’t nailed down what we want for siding….

7  I am a HUGE George Strait/Brad Paisley/Garth Brooks fan!   And, I fulfilled my bucket list and have seen all of these guys in concert!!!  George was with Reba (an awesome double whammy).  I went with my sister and we had to sit way up high in the nosebleed section.  I got to see Brad last winter with Elisa.  He was amazing in concert!  We held up a neon sign that said “Me Neither” (if you are a Brad Paisley fan then you know why 😉 ) and during the concert he called us out and then played the song!  Garth, though, was the best of all.  I’m an original Garth fan.  Think his very-first-album-on-cassette-tape type fan.  I was so bummed I never saw him in the 90’s and when he “retired” I figured I’d never get to see him.  But, then he came out of retirement and Jeff and I got to see him in Wichita last winter!  And then best of all…. we had 3rd row center seats!!  We could see every last wrinkle and drop of sweat!  It was the best concert I’ve ever been to 🙂

garth brooks concert
I’m telling you, it was AMAZING!! And the fact that I got to share it with Jeff (he even sang along some!) made it better.

8  I prefer line dried clothes.  I grew up hanging out clothes for my mom and it took some convincing after we were married, but Jeff put up a clothes line for me and I use it during the spring, summer and fall.  There’s nothing better than slipping into your line dried sheets after a long day’s work.

This is my backyard! We live in the country and mow our weeds- it’s not a show place 😉

9  I keep my thermostat set on 80 all year around!  I am one of those people that is cold all.the.time.  So, summer is my favorite season and 95 is my favorite outdoor temp.  In the winter, our heater runs a lot, but I don’t care.  And in the summer, the air conditioner doesn’t kick on very much (until July.  July and August in southern Kansas is not for the faint of heart!).  If you come over to my house, prepare to be warm and dress accordingly 😉

my thermostat
Yup, this is really my thermostat! I hate digital ones so when we got a new one, we went old school.

10  One of my favorite meals is a cheeseburger in the field!  Yup, you read that right.  When I was growing up, my mom had to take meals to the field A LOT and one of her staples was to cook hamburgers and wrap them in foil.  Many times the whole family would eat out there (during the busy seasons it might be the only time we’d see our dad!).  When I got old enough for field work, guess what she brought me?  And I still love them to this day.  I have taught my girls how to make them and wrap them in foil, so this spring when I’ve been out in the field, Elisa and Lindy bring me a cheeseburger in foil.  Best.burger.ever.  Seriously.

What’s a fun random fact about you??  Do you agree or disagree with any of mine?

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  1. Lol. It is so critical that the hamburgers be wrapped in foil, isn’t it?! Whenever we grill hamburgers I make the grill master wrap them in foil. I get an eye roll or two, but no one can deny how good it makes them. Tell me more about the muck boots, and the gloves…are there specific brands you like?

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